Rescue Story

(RESCUE) Two months ago, I was having a conversation with my survivor advocate. I had just been turned down by another program [because of my disabilities], but she told me that we would find a perfect match. She proceeded to ask me, “What would a perfect match look like?” I told her, “ Somewhere I feel safe, somewhere I can grow, some place I can fail and some place I can begin to heal.” I thought, “But that is just a dream, that place doesn’t exist.”

I had no idea that God had the perfect place set apart for me with the perfect team just for me. When I stepped through the doors, I felt a sense of love, warmth, and hope that wrapped around me—something I hadn’t felt in any other place. Their fight, their desire for me to have a better life was stronger than my past. Their hope and their faith was stronger than any thought I could wield.”

MT, Trafficked from Age 8 to 27 
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(REDEEM) I have a strong desire to make the world fair. I believe in second chances. I believe in hope.

Now, my charge is to each person, whether you have experienced the pain of injustice or are living under the covering of life’s comforts, will you fight for justice? Will you choose to set aside the injustice you have experienced and pursue justice? Will you step out of your just world, and choose to fight for those who are experiencing injustice?

-SH, Trafficked from 12-
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“I don’t remember losing my joy. I just remember looking into the empty space where it had been, wracking my brain to remember what it felt like.

I remember the day it came back, wrapping me in it’s arms like an old friend. I’m able to express myself again, even in the bad days, when joy feels far away. It’s still there, distant, not disappeared. Without joy, a light in me had gone out. Being trafficked had stolen a very basic emotion from me, joy. Even the smallest of children feel joy, and I had lost mine.

Beginning to heal has helped me reignite that fire, and I owe that to treatment that helped me know healing was possible for me. All across the world, men, women, and children are relearning what it is like to feel joy.

– HD, Trafficked from Age 6 to 11
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