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Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner
Volumizing & Thickening
$28 or $56 per set (+tax)

Rescue Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that revitalizes your hair, building volume, improving strength, and adding luster and radiance. Biotin and Rice protein support elasticity that prevents your hair from weakening under environmental and stying stress. Ivy and root extracts free your hair and scalp from surface impurities, while balancing natural oil production to ensure each stand has lift and breathability all day long.

Rescue Conditioner is a gentle hydrating formula, crafted to increase the appearance of thickness and maximize the volume of your hair. Kiwi extract and Keratin build density and volume, while adding a protective layer that shields your hair from environmental stress. Sunflower and Olive oils nourish and provide the shine your hair needs to maintain its radiance all day long.

Redeem Shampoo & Conditioner
Moisturizing & Smoothing
$28 or $56 per set (+tax)

Redeem Shampoo is a gentle moisturizing cleanser infused with Argan and Marula oils, to keep the hair hydrated while safely removing environmental stresses. Formulated with humectants and Pro Vitamin B-5, Redeem is crafted to ensure your hair retains ample moisture and maintains a smooth finish throughout the day. Safe for color treated and chemically straightened hair.

Redeem Conditioner utilizes Argan and Marula oils to smooth and moisturize your hair. Aloe leaf enzymes and vitamins nurture your scalp and encourage healthy hair growth. Wheat protein reinforces the hair shaft to ensure moisture, shine, and a controlled finish that will last throughout the day. Safe for color treated and chemically straightened hair. Safe for extensions.

Restore Shampoo & Conditioner
Length & Strength
$28 or $56 per set (+tax)

Restore Shampoo is a Biotin infused formula that returns length and strength back into your hair. Packed with Aloe and Sunflower extracts, your hair will take on a thicker, fuller, overall improved condition when used consistently. Biotin and Cucumber extracts prevent breakage and encourage new hair growth so you can confidently let your hair down.

Restore Conditioner is a Biotin infused formula known for its superior strengthening benefits. This nourishing formula can transform weakened, stressed hair, to its strongest, most-resilient condition. Packed with Vitamin E, Silk proteins, and Pro-Vitamin B5, your hair will look and feel brand new, with regular use. Safe for color treated and chemically straightened hair.

Fortified Leave-In
$22 (+tax)

Reinforce is our “multi-vitamin” for your hair. This Botanical leave-in, is packed with the protein and nutrients your hair needs to achieve health, manageability, and vibrance. Biotin, Aloe and Sage combine forces to nourish and protect your hair at its core. Coconut oil and Flower extracts provide a UV and heat styling shield to maintain color vibrancy and increase the integrity of each strand. Safe to use on all types of hair.

Resolve Gentlemen
Shampoo + Body Wash + Shave Cream
$52 (+tax)

Resolve is our men’s three-in-one formula, infused with Oak Bark to cleanse and stimulate the surface of your scalp, hair and body; it can even provide a smooth, irritation-free shaving experience. Aloe adds shine and weightless volume to your hair, while rich botanical ingredients activate healthy hair growth and provide a fresh clean feel for every man.