We are so grateful you are here to receive this special announcement!

Five years ago this past May, we opened the doors to Inspired Beauty.
It has truly been a privilege and an honor serving so many WONDERFUL friends in this Studio.

After many
YEARS of dreaming and digging deep into what makes a great product
MONTHS of searching for the most fitting formulation team for the job
WEEKS of designing and testing through trial and error
DAYS of wrestling with fear and excitement and
HOURS of waiting for the shipment to arrive. . .

God has made it abundantly clear that this new endeavor is the unfolding of His greater plan for Inspired Beauty.

Its with great and overwhelming joy we get to share with you,
Our brand NEW Product Line!

Each product is carefully designed and crafted to represent a key word that pertains to the mission of fighting against Human Trafficking, supported by a specific need to treat your hair.

Our Rescue Line is formulated to bring Volume and Thickness back to your hair.
Our Redeem Line is formulated to infuse Moisture and Smooth your hair.
Our Restore Line is formulated to encourage Length and Strength for your hair.
Our Reinforce Leave-In is formulated to provide nutrients and protection for your hair.
Our Resolve Mens 3 in 1 is formulated to cleanse and soothe your hair, skin and scalp.

Our Products Are:

1. Vitamin Enriched to deliver antioxidant protection, restore and nourish your hair
2. Packed with essential oils to provide invigorating and therapeutic benefits to your hair
3. Botanical Enriched with extracts from around the world to fortify and replenish your hair with the benefits of a Plant Based Product
4. Made with Gluten Free ingredients

Our Key Benefits:

Control and Smoothing
Humidity Resistance
Thermal Protection
Color Safe
Extension Safe
Ethnic Hair Safe

The most exciting part of this journey is the partnership we have had the privilege of building.
Safe House Project is a wonderful team thats working diligently to build safe houses across the US for those who have been rescued from the grips of their offenders.

These homes are a place where they can find HOPE and FREEDOM in a protected environment while receiving nourishment, soul treatment, and a faithful guide along the path to a bright new FUTURE.

We are honored to share, that a percentage of EVERY Inspired Beauty product sold, goes directly to support our partner efforts.

Please Visit Our Products page to see whats on our shelf!


1. By phone
2. In Studio by Appointment Only
3. By Sending a Message via the Contact Us page

Our products are not currently available for online ordering.
We will be glad to take orders for IN STUDIO PICK UP.
If you are NOT LOCAL please reach out using the Contact Us page and we will do our best to get iB products into your hands.

We are working to launch our Online Sales platform, so please bear with us.
We will let you know as soon as it’s available.

Thank you for joining us and being part of the solution.
We look forward to working together and serving you!

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. So excited for your new adventure. Will check it out the next time we are down to visit our Maryland family


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