Hey gorgeous,

Recently I’ve been visiting my best friend every weekend for the past month. Sometimes as a natural we don’t think about the things we might need just for a 3 day weekend, but with my family being natural I have to think about my daughters as well.

What’s in my bag?

  • My Detangling Brush: I find it so much easier to detangle my hair with conditioner.
  • My Conditioners: I’ve noticed over this last month I’ve been gone until Sunday late afternoons & I hate to start my wash day so late. So I like to make sure that I have both my conditioner & my leave-in-conditioner.
  • My Wide Tooth Comb: I normally don’t need this for myself but if my oldest daughter wants to wash her hair she has it. It’s one of those I rather be safe then sorry.
  • My Moisturizers: As a natural with color treated hair, my hair absorbs moisture all the time that sometimes I need to moisturize my hair twice a week.
  • My Curling Custard / Gel: This one depends one my moods. Sometimes I like to used gel on my hair & others curling custard, or neither. This depends if I’m doing a protective style for the week or not.
  • My Satin Scarf & Bonnet: How would I be able to sleep without the proper sleepwear lol.

4 thoughts on “What’s In My Travel Hair Bag”

  1. I’ve heard great things about the transitioning cream. I can’t keep up with Shea Moisture at all! Everytime I blink they’ve got a new product line or product LOL! I’m sooo trying not to be a PJ anymore.

    1. My local beauty supply store just got the new Cantu co-wash & I was hype to get it but I don’t know how I feel about it yet. Now Shea Moisture that’s bae right there. Which Shea Moisture is your favorite?

        1. My favorite Shea Moisture is the moisturizing transitional milk even I’m not transitioning. My hair seems to love it.

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