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I’ve suffered from anxiety for over 10 years with & without medication. I’ve learned that I enjoy life more without being on medication and feeling drugged up.

You might not think this helps but it does. I putting all of my focus into loosing weight that it helps my mind. Not always do I enjoy exercising but it gives me some sort of energy to tackle my day.

Before I thought about meditating I really didn’t understand it. A friend a mines suggested it to me since she suffers from anxiety & it’s helped her. I figured why not what’s the worse that can happen. Now I meditate at least three times a week especially when I’m overwhelmed. I use a few apps on my iPad & boy do they help. I even started going the extra mile to set up a meditation area in my room.

Listen To Music:
I love to dance & sing. Not every time when I feel a panic attack coming can I dance around & be silly but when I feel a panic attack coming my headphones are my new bff. I’ll turn on one of my favorite songs & sing.

Drink Tea:
I noticed that when I drink a cup of warm tea in the morning my day goes smoothly.

Hot Bath:
For me taking a hot bath & drinking a warm cup of tea with soothing music is a little piece of heaven for me. Sometimes a nice warm bubble bath a few times a week has helped dramatically.

If all else fails I like to write. I’ve been keeping a journal for years now & it’s so therapeutic for me. Even if my days are boring & I have nothing to write then I doodle. No matter how sad or depressing my day is I will still write.

Do you have special things that you do when you’re anxious or to help you through your anxiety?

10 thoughts on “Ways I Fight Anxiety”

    1. What kind of dogs do you have Cassie? I don’t have any pets yet but I want to get a Yorkie so bad.

      1. I haven’t blogged about it yet. I just do it while I drive… I turn the music off so I don’t have any noise around me and just do three seconds in, three seconds out. I find that if that anxiety fog starts rolling in and I just take a minute to focus on my breathing in a quiet place it helps me a lot.

  1. I suffer with social anxiety and journaling has been a life-changer for me (actually wrote a post about journaling a few minutes ago). Deep breathing as well. Also, I do this little trick in social situations (especially where I have to speak infront of crowds or groups) where I literally ‘fake it till I make it”…pretending that I’m THE most confident girl alive, hehehe.. Love your blog!

    1. I can’t wait to read your post. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have really bad social anxiety as well & it keeps me in the house a lot. I really do have to try deep breathing.

  2. beautifully written! thank you for dropping these gems ๐Ÿ˜‰ i too have anxiety and what also helps me is music, working out and writting <3

    lipstickvillain.com | @lipstickvillain

    1. Thank you Chrissie (love your name lol). My next thing I want to try is taking a walk & see if it help. ๐Ÿ™‚

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