Hello Gorgeous,

I know I write a lot for women but today I want to help the guys out. These tips are to help those out that just started dating a sex worker. There are different types of sex workers. Today I am basically talking about online sex workers.

1. Do Not Constantly Call Her Beautiful, Sexy, etc
First off she has a name. I guarantee she hears that enough at work and doesn’t want to come home and hear that from you. By now she knows that she’s attractive.

2. Do Not Bring Up Her Work
If she wants to talk about it with you then she’ll bring it up and tell you what she wants you to know.

This is a quick way to be listed as a creepy guy and 9 times outta 10 she will either think differently of you or she’ll completely cut you off.

4. Do Not Tell Her How To Run Her Business
Yes being a sex worker is a business, we do pay taxes just like everyone else. If she decided to tell you about it then stfu and keep your mouth closed.

5. Do Not Include Yourself In Her Work
If she’s been a solo model all of this time or only works with females I can bet you that she doesn’t need you in her work.

6. She May Get Gifts
Keep your male ego to yourself, nobody cares. If she’s gotten gifts before you chances are she’ll get gifts after you.

7. Do Not and I repeat DO NOT Ask Her To Quit Her Job For You.
I feel this is self explanatory in itself but in case some of you that won’t understand, she enjoys her job and if you’re not prepared to supplement the income she was getting then again keep your testosterone and male ego to yourself.

Never tell any sex worker that you don’t pay for your porn. Performers make their income by obviously filming and you are taking away from them and their families.

9. Do Not Sexualize Her
Do you really think she cares about hearing what you want to do to her? Honestly no woman wants to hear about it. Have an actual conversation and get to know her as a person. Men pay her and tell her sexual things, what makes you think she wants to hear that from you (for free) and you two are beginning a relationship.

10. Sex Workers Does NOT Mean Easy
She is NOT going to sleep with you when you want her to. She is NOT going to sleep with you because you took her out. Women do NOT owe a man ANYTHING just because he may wine and dine her. If she decides she wants to sleep with you then she will on HER own time. You do not have to touch her in any type of her cause again she’ll think of you as creepy.

So with all of this being said yes I am a sex worker who blogs, yes these are things that need to be said, and yes some topics may include sex. I hope I’ve helped someone out.

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