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I found myself in a group on Facebook that Dina was in and I saw that she was hosting a give-a-way. I also saw that she sells crystals as well. I politely messaged her on Facebook and asked her if she sold crystals in packages and she said she would for me! Keep in mind I asked on Monday (7/3/17) but I couldn’t order until Friday (7/7/17) when I got paid. Unfortunately I couldn’t until Saturday (7/8/17) because of the holiday. She shipped them off first thing Monday (7/10/17) and I received them on Thursday (7/13/17).

Dina has the BEST customer service that I’ve experienced in a LONG time. She was very professional, prompt on messages, best advice on which crystals to pick (since it was my first set of crystals), very informative, & most importantly friendly. I didn’t feel that she was just after the money. Will I purchase from Dina Eve Designs again, HELL YEA & I can’t wait.


Now let’s get to the packaging of the crystals. The crystals were shipped in a brown box with bubble wrap, paper bag, and beautiful purple tissue paper. I can tell that she wanted to make sure nothing broke. And guess what, nothing was damaged at all.







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2 thoughts on “Shopping At Dina Eve Designs”

    1. I love getting my crystals from her. I started setting a monthly budget for crystals and next month my order is going to be way bigger lol.

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