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So we all heard about the Shea Moisture new commercial and if you haven’t you can search it on YouTube. I’ve been using Shea Moisture for almost 2 years (11/15) since I’ve been natural and it’s been working well for me. But their “new” commercial is sending mixed messages.

Now let’s get into this picture above, last time I checked Shea Moisture was for WOC with cyrly/kinky/coily hair. She has straight hair, need I say more.

Now in the picture above they first put a model with loose curls. That was cool because there are women of color who’s hair is looser then others and that’s fine. My hair is loose in the front, coily in the middle and loose again in my back & sides.

I’m all for expanding a brand BUT people of color have been purchasing these products for years. Now after all of this I personally think that Shea Moisture could’ve at least expanded their brand to women that are not of color that still have curly hair. BUT what do these two women below have in common with any person of color?


Now I’ve heard some women share that Shea Moisture products have watered down over the years and it is no longer black owned. Since I’ve only been using them for the last year and a half I don’t know either but I will say the moment Shea Moisture no longer works for my hair is the day I will stop using it.

Also in their commercial they posted this lovely picture (above pic). There is a HUGE difference in Hair Hate between a woman of color and a woman who isn’t of color. Black women are taught from a young age that their hair isn’t good enough, isn’t pretty enough, isn’t straight etc. Which this statement alone makes you question if Shea Moisture is still Black owned.

With their response let me know your thoughts.


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