Hello Gorgeous,

I know I talk about self Love and self care a lot but I feel they are necessary for any healthy. Before you can start a relationship with another person you have to know how to love yourself. Find things that you enjoy, things that make you happy, things that makes you smile.

Personally I am taking time away from relationships to get to know myself. I’ve spent 18 years (off and on) loving someone and I lost myself along the way. I’ve learned that I am an introvert. I enjoy watching movies, singing, makeup, and I found a new love for reading. I’m currently reading The Fault In Our Stars. I saw the movie and it’s become one of my favorites, but after reading the first chapter I love the movie better lol. 

Take time out, even if it’s just a hour, to do something that YOU enjoy. Do it for you and because this article is suggesting it to you but because you genuinely love yourself. 

Affirmations To Say Daily:
I love myself.
It is safe for me to put myself first.
It is safe for me to say yes to my needs.
I am the most beautiful woman/man in the world.
I realease all self doubt.
I am capable of doing anything that I put my mind to.
I am worthy of being loved.

If you have any other books to suggest I would love to read them. Also let me know what you do to show yourself self Love.

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