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I wanted to share my favorite matte lips. I’m finding myself reaching for any of my matte lips instead of gloss & I used to be a HUGE gloss lip addict.

#1 ColourPop Panda

When I first ordered from ColourPop I had to get Panda. It supposed to be an Ultra Satin Lip but for me it was a matte lip. I can wear it for 8+ hours without it smearing or coming off.

#2 NYX French Maid

As I stated in my April Favorites post this is my favorite. The color is a beautiful nudish pink. I add a brown lip liner to add a darker color & it’s perfect for a woc.

#3 Revlon Flirtation / Flirt

Another one I love to use with a brown lip liner to make it better for my skin tone. I also absolutely love the smell. It has this fruity smell that last for hours even after you apply it.

#4 ColourPop Molly

I love to mix 2 ColourPop colors but I love Molly. The color is so bright & vibrant when you apply it but again it gives me the matte look instead of the Ultra Satin look.

#5 NYX Confident

I love to wear confident when I’m in a dark (emo) mood. I honestly wish NYX had black in the Lingerie Line.


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