Hello Gorgeous,

I’ve looked on ways how to detangle matted natural hair but none of those ways worked for me. I had to try a few things that would work for me.

*In no way am I a professional. These are tricks that have worked for me*

What is matted hair?
Matted hair is hair that will clump together. It can be unmanageable.
How does your hair get matted?
You may notice it if you leave your hair in cornrows or a protective style for too long.

Is my only option to cut it out?
Nooooo. You can honestly deep condition and moisturize the hair.

How am I supposed to detangle my hair?
I will show you in these steps what has worked for me.

#1: Water
Water. Water. Water. Add water to your hair. Never try and detangle your hair while it is dry. It will cause more damage then good.

#2: Condition Hair
I’ve notice when I just leave conditioner on the hair it will loosen the knots. Adding moisture will loosen your hair and have less of the hair ripping.

#3: Oil / Lotion
Oil (coconut oil or a hair lotion) will also help loosen the knots that are in your hair.

#4: Finger Detangle
Do not try and comb your hair right way. Finger detangle your hair first & try to spread the knots apart (it’s helped me).

I hope these tips helped you.


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