Hello Gorgeous,

I’ve been seeing this contour palette but I never contour so I didn’t see a need to purchase it. I’m a stick to one look kind of gal. But lately I’ve been really want to perfect my makeup so I gave in. I’ve tried a Black Radiance lipsticks in the past & I really wasn’t too fond of them so I was kind of skeptical.

When I went to my local drug store both shades of palettes were available. I wasn’t sure which one to purchase but I chose Medium To Dark. Let me just say I love that they show you how to use this contour palette because I am clueless on how to do it. I did my makeup and absolutely love it. I love how creamy the contour kit was. I didn’t try the highlighter that came with it but I’m sure it is just as lovely. 

With using this contour palette I can totally see myself trying out other Black Radiance products. I can definitely see myself using it on a daily basis.

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