Hey Gorgeous,

I’ve been looking around for Eco Styler Gel for the longest but I found it a few weeks ago & was so excited. But I’ve been using Olive Oil Styler Gel & I honestly love it.

Does your hair get crunchy? Eco Styler Gel yes & I’d have to cowash to remove product. Olive Oil Styler Gel no.

Does your hair style last? Yes when I use Olive Oil Styler Gel & I also defuse it. Eco Styler Gel I’m sure it’ll last but after 48 hours my hair was rough as door nails.

Which do you prefer? I personally prefer Olive Oil Styler Gel.

Which has the most shrinkage? BOTH in my opinion. Neither has a “worse” type of shrinkage. My hair shrunk the same amount.

When I go to style my hair I’ve been using the L.O.C. method, the I’d apply shea moisture curling custard, then olive oil styling gel.

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