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Here are some of the tips that helped me when I was cheated on in a relationship. By no means am I a professional (yet).

It’s Not OVER.
Just because your partner cheated on you doesn’t mean that the relationship is over. You can repair your relationship. You can still have happy & healthy relationship after your partner cheats on you. You will have to be open as to why he cheated.

It’s Not YOUR Fault.
Just because he cheated on you doesn’t mean it’s your fault. There was a choice made and you had NOTHING to do with it. Do not blame yourself because you didn’t make the choice to step out on the relationship.

Forgiveness Takes Time.
Please understand that after being cheated on, being able to forgive your partner takes time. He will have to understand that because of his actions you are going to blame what he did in every argument until you are no longer hurt.

Regain Trust.
I understand that after he cheat the trust is gone. There are ways he can prove to you that he is now being faithful and it won’t happen again. The last time (it’s was twice) my dude cheated on me I had a hard time trusting him again and I thought I never would again. He worked at night (still does work nights) and asked what could he do to prove to me that he wasn’t going to have another emotional relationship. I told him that he wasn’t stupid & that he could figure it out. Well he decided the only way he could prove to me was taking me to work with him since he is a janitor. At first I didn’t understand why was he doing this since he’s never taken me to work with him before. It’s been two and a half years later and he still takes me to work with him a few nights a week & our relationship has gotten stronger.

Let Go
I know this is easier said then done. In order to move on you have to let go. You are going to have to put trust back into your partner in order to grow. For your relationship to move past the hurt & pain you will eventually have to let it go.

Clean Slate / Start Fresh.
Now that you are ready to be a couple again start off with a clean slate as a couple. Start doing things again as a couple. Remember why you fell in love with him in the first place. Don’t be afraid to ask to be taken out on dates again & to be whooed. 

I hope my tips have helped someone. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Cheating In Relationships”

    1. Thank you for your sweet words. Yes relationships are work and I agree never lower your standards and put yourself first. <3

  1. Speaking of experience it’s true that u can get over a broken heart & regain trust ! My husband & I been thru hell b4 we even got married . He cheated, I cheated. What’s done is done ! Now our relationship & marriage is stronger than it’s ever been . We are the prime example that a relationship is not completely over because of betrayal!

    1. I completely agree. If both parties are willing to forgive and trust & be trusted again then a relationship can wok.

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