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I’ve been loving these products soooo much this month. I find myself wearing a full face of makeup at least 5 days of out the week just to wear these products.

#1 Anastasia Brow Kit

I find that this is my go to. I can’t go a day without doing my brows. I used to have another brow kit that I reached for but my brows come out perfectly. Not every time do I even need to conceal my brows to make sure they are perfect.

#2 NYX Liquid Illuminator

Now this, I can’t help but do a full face just because I want to wear this. I find myself reaching for this more and more. Some times I even add too much product but it is so blendable that it’s not even a problem.

#3 Naked 3

My go to pallet. I purchased this at the end of March along with another pallet but I always seem to reach for this one. At first I was thinking hmmm I don’t think I can do many looks with this pallet but so far I have 4 go-to looks. 

#4 NYX Lingerie French Maid

This has been my go to matte lip. I’ve been a lipstick snob ever since I was 18 but this one is my favorite nude lip. I’ll outline my lips with a brown lip liner (to add more of a darker lip) and my NYX lip and I’m good to go.

#5 Revolution Sun Kiss Highlight

I love to my NYX highlighter & apply the Revolution on top to get my perfect highlight shade. I’ve even worn this by itself and it still gave me a beautiful highlight. It is very settle especially on a woman of color.


12 thoughts on “April Beauty Favorites 2017”

    1. I seen so many YouTubers with it that I just had to pick it up & now my brows won’t settle for anything less lol.

    1. That’s where I was. I first was using an eye shadow, then I used ELF brow kit for like $3 & it’s the perfect dupe. I wanted to know what the big hype was so I went to Ulta & picked it up & been in love ever since.

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