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September is Alopecia Awareness Month. I’ve interviewed a dear friend of mines, Justine. She is one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. She’s shared some of her story on Facebook and I thought it could help someone else. 

1. When did you find out that you had alopecia?
I have had thinning hair my whole life. At the back of my neck was always bald, but I didn’t actually find out for sure it was alopecia until about a year ago when I chose to shave it all off and get a biopsy done.

2. What was your first reaction?
Well my first reaction when the diagnosis cane in what “I knew it lol
Now my first reaction when I finally chose to shave it was terror. I was so afraid to lose everything I had worked so hard to build. As if hair is how I did it???

3. What advice would you like to give someone else?
My advice to someone going through anything similar is to kniw their worth and how beautiful they are .
There will be days that get you down but find a tribe to lift you up. .I am so grateful for my Younique sisters because they have been my rock through ALL of it.

4. What or Who has helped you along this way?
So 4 years ago I spent so much money and energy trying to hide the fact that I was going bald.
I wouldn’t take pictures and didn’t feel beautiful
Younique came into my life and they had great products, but above that they were mission based
Uplift, empower, and validate women
It was life changing for me
I spent the first 2 years still scared but learning to step out if my comfort zone. The last 2 years were life altering. I have built a team of over 4000 women who I truly love.
They are like my sister’s. Every one is so motivating and has a way of building confidence. Without them I would never have had the courage to shave my head and finally get some answers.
I have an incredible husband and 8 babies who have loved and supported me unconditionally and I knew that I needed to learn to live myself to be what they deserved.
I am grateful for the journey God put in front of me because I feel I have a purpose and a platform to help women learn just how amazing they truly are.

I hope Justine story has touched someone as much as it touched me.

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