Hello Gorgeous,

I see a lot of ladies that want to wear but don’t know where to start. I got the top 5 affordable products that I use or have used. The beauty products range from $1 to &8.99.

#1 Maybelline Fit Me

You can pick this foundation up at your local drugstore, Target, or Walmart anywhere from $6.99-$8.99. I use it and love it. I love that I get just enough coverage without it feeling heavy or that my face is going to slide off.

#2 Elf Highlighters

There are a ton of Elf highlights but you can pick these up if you don’t want to go on their website. At Target you can get it around $2.99 and at Ulta you can get it around  $4.00. For them to be so affordable they have really good pigment.

#3 Elf Single Blush

I have a few blushes from Elf and I honestly love them. You can purchase the single blush from the Elf Website for $1.20 and at Target for $3.

#4 NYX Matte Finish Spray

This setting spray if LIFE especially for those on a budget. I use this setting spray every time I finish my makeup. In my opinion it’s the best affordable setting spray. 


How can you do your makeup without brushes? I have quite a few makeup brushes from elf. I’ve purchased them when I was out of town and completely forgot my makeup brushes (I know dumb right lol). I find myself reaching for them more when I’m home then the brushes I already had.


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