Hello Gorgeous,

I believe it’s a great way to start you’re mornings off with daily affirmations. I feel that it sets the tone for the day. Today I am sharing 5 of my affirmations that I do daily. Maybe you can add them to your morning routine too.

1. You Are Beautiful.
Not everyday do I feel beautiful. I also like to tell my children everyday (multiple times) that they are beautiful & handsome.

2. Your Goals Are Becoming A Reality.
Even when I don’t believe in myself, I remind myself that my goals are reachable.

3. I Am Somebody Special.
Some times hearing these special words to yourself puts a smile on your own face & sets your day to a good start.

4. I Will No Longer Allow Negative Thoughts Or Feelings Drain Me Of My Energy.
Sometimes we just can’t allow negative energy to dictate our moods.

5. I Am Debt Free.
I say this one personally because I will buy a house in the near future & I would love more than anything to pay for my house cash.

I hope this helped someone today.


2 thoughts on “5 Affirmations To Say Daily”

    1. Thank you Sami. 🙂 I like to wake up every morning & say positive affirmations. I also like to also switch out affirmations.

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