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Today I wanted to share the 4 reasons why I meditate. I get so many people asking me why & how I mediate.

#1 Inner Peace
I’ve been meditating for about a year now & every time I meditate I feel inner peace.

#2 Keeps Me Calm
I love mediating especially when I’m having a bad day. I follow along with my app & whatever type of day I’m having just goes away. I also noticed I’m not as angry when I meditate.

#3 Reduces Anxiety
Some days my anxiety through the roof & some days it’s paralyzing. Some times I can’t get up enough to exercise but I can get my iPad and listen to calming nature sounds.

#4 Relax
This one ties in with being a single mom & a mom of 3 with having 2 kids with special needs. Some days I just really need that me-time / detox time. I normally mediate right before I go to bed & it helps me sleep.

I would like to know do you mediate? If so do you use an app & which one(s)?


6 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why I Started Meditating”

  1. Yes, it does help me to focus better and helps me feel refreshed! I haven’t been able to continue with it a lot nowadays but I am planning to start again!

  2. Hi, Chrisy, these are all great reasons. I love meditation because it keeps me grounded–so I don’t bump into things or float away. Instead I can actually be in my body instead of in my head!

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